Understanding Skills


Skills are attributes of an agent that determine their ability to work and resolve tickets that demand certain proficiency, like speaking the language English. This helps you assign tickets to agents with matching skills. An Agent can have multiple distinct skills, for example, an agent could be a proficient French speaker as well as a Social Media expert.

Different skills can be grouped into categories based on similar attributes and are called Skill Categories. For example, if your agent is proficient in English and German, then the skill category could be Languages.

How does it work?

When a ticket comes in, a skill is mapped to the ticket and the ticket is subsequently assigned to an online agent in the team who possesses that skill depending on the ticket conditions.

When multiple agents have the same skill, the agent with a higher skill proficiency will automatically be chosen to resolve the ticket.

For example, if agents A and B have the skill Spanish with the proficiency beginner and expert respectively, then the latter will be chosen for dealing with tickets that have Spanish skill attached to them.

Admins are allowed to create skills, assign them to agents in order of expertise, and define the conditions by which skills are mapped to tickets. Whereas, Supervisor will be able to reorder the skills created by the Admin for the agents in your teams.

Refer to the following video to better understand skills:

You can further read the below article to see the steps of creating a skill:

To create Skill

  1. Log into Sprinklr Service. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar. On the Settings window, select Skills within Routing.

  2. To create a new skill, click Create Skill in the top right corner of the Skills window.

  3. On the Create Skill window, provide a Name and an optional Description.

  4. Select the desired Skills Category from the drop-down menu based on the individual expertise of your agents.

  5. Conditions let you define which ticket should be mapped to the skill you are creating. For example, you can create a condition that will assign every ticket with the requester language English to one of the agents with the skill English Expert.

    You can add multiple conditions based on ticket/contact/company fields, and choose whether any or all of the rules need to be triggered to map the skill to a ticket.

    For each ticket assigned to a group, the first matching skill rule in the Skill List will be executed. A supervisor can reorder the list of skills to have the most important rules on top.

  6. Once done, click Create in the bottom right corner.