About Campaign Briefs


Campaign Briefs can be used to outline the objectives, target audience, messaging, budget, and timeline for a marketing or advertising campaign in a concise document. It’s attached to Campaigns within the platform to give the agency or internal creative team enough information so that they can develop a Campaign concept.

To Add & view Campaign Brief:

  1. Go to Settings from the Sprinklr left pane and click the Publishing icon.

  1. Click the Campaigns icon on the left side. You will get a list of all campaigns in the Record Manager.

  1. Click the View icon next to the Campaign title and the third pane will open.

  1. You can create a Campaign Brief by providing a header and description. Click on the blue plus icon and add an image/video/section/Bullet List/Section List/Add Bullet List/Add Table/Use Callout.

  1. You can also beautify the highlighted sentence under the Brief tab in the third pane by using features such as:

    • Bold - Bold the highlighted sentence.

    • Italicize - Italicize the highlighted sentence.

    • Strikethrough - Strikethrough the sentence.

    • Heading 1 - Change the heading size to H1.

    • Heading 2 - Change the heading size to H2.

    • Attach the image - Attach the desired image to the campaign brief, if you want to.

    • Left - Make a left alignment to the campaign brief.

    • Center - Make a center alignment to the campaign brief.

    • Right - Make the right alignment to the campaign brief.

Note: All the changes made to the campaign brief gets auto-saved.