What are Global Custom Fields ?


Maintaining accurate and consistent data across your Sprinklr platform has never been easier, thanks to the remarkable functionality of Global Custom Fields. These fields act as a powerful tool to ensure that any changes, edits, or additions you make are seamlessly reflected throughout your entire platform. Let's delve into this essential feature and explore the three distinct categories: Company Fields, Contact Fields, and User Fields.

  1. Company Fields:
    In the realm of data consistency, Company Fields play a pivotal role. Any modifications or additions you make within these fields resonate globally across your Sprinklr platform. This means that changes to essential company details, metrics, or overarching information are effortlessly synchronized, creating a unified and dependable representation.

  2. Contact Fields:
    When it comes to individual contacts, Contact Fields prove invaluable. Any edits or updates you introduce to these fields ensure that the information remains accurate and coherent across your platform. This uniformity enhances the reliability of your data, reducing the chances of misinformation and boosting the credibility of your platform.

  3. User Fields:
    Ensuring uniformity in user information is essential for streamlined operations. With User Fields, any changes or additions you make to user details reverberate universally. This ensures that user profiles remain consistent, minimizing the potential for confusion and discrepancies across your platform.

Advantages of Global Custom Fields:

The true strength of Global Custom Fields lies in their ability to simplify data management while promoting accuracy. Whether you're adjusting Company, Contact, or User Fields, the impact is felt throughout your platform. This dynamic approach eliminates the need for manual updates and ensures that your data is reliable and dependable.

In essence, Global Custom Fields offer a sophisticated solution for maintaining a unified and coherent representation of data within your Sprinklr platform. With these fields at your disposal, you can confidently make changes, knowing that they will be consistently and accurately reflected across all relevant sections. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience by ensuring that information is up to date, reliable, and consistent.