🌟 Sprinklr Selfserve: Elevating Your Experience - October '23 Update 🌟


Welcome to the latest and greatest from Sprinklr Selfserve! πŸš€

We're thrilled to introduce a bunch of exciting features and improvements that will make your experience even more seamless and engaging. Let's take a closer look at what's in store for you.

Sprinklr Social

πŸ“… 1. Calendar Schedule View

- Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with our brand-new 'Calendar Schedule View.' This feature offers a visual and user-friendly interface for managing your tasks, events, and schedules. πŸ“…

- Key Benefits:

- Enhanced visual planning.

- Streamlined scheduling.

- Efficient task organization.

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πŸ–±οΈ 2. Drag/Drop Support in Publisher

- Managing content has never been this easy. With 'Drag/Drop Support in Publisher,' you can intuitively arrange and distribute content, simplifying your workflow. πŸ“°

- Key Benefits:

- Streamlined content management.

- Effortless content distribution.

- Seamless user experience.

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πŸš€ 3. Quick Publisher & Other Enhancements

- Here's a game-changer - 'Quick Publisher.' This feature is designed to turbocharge content distribution, saving you time and effort. Plus, it's not just Quick Publisher; we've brought you a bunch of other improvements for an even smoother experience. πŸ“’

- Key Benefits:

- Rapid and streamlined content distribution.

- Increased efficiency.

- Additional enhancements for a seamless experience.

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πŸ“† 4. Calendar Events: Sharing with Users

- Collaboration is key! Share your calendar events seamlessly with users, enhancing communication and coordination. 🀝

- Key Benefits:
- Improved collaboration.
- Streamlined event sharing.

- Enhanced communication.

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πŸ€– 5. Sprinklr AI+ Interactions Enhancement

- Prepare to level up your customer interactions with our AI enhancements in 'Sprinklr AI+ Interactions.' 🀝 Get ready for AI-powered customer interactions that are more personal and effective.

- Key Benefits:

- Advanced AI-powered customer interactions.

- Deeper insights into customer engagement and feedback.

- Tailored customer interactions for higher satisfaction.

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✏️ 6. Edit Title & Description of Videos

- Managing video content just got more versatile. You can now 'Edit Title & Description of Videos,' ensuring accurate representation and organized content. πŸŽ₯

- Key Benefits:

- Customizable video metadata.

- Improved video content organization and searchability.

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Sprinklr Service

πŸ“ž 1. Editable Quick Actions

- Your workflow is about to get supercharged with 'Editable Quick Actions.' πŸ–‹οΈ You can now create and customize Quick Actions which can be modified on the go while applying them on a ticket.

- Key Benefits:

- Customized workflow efficiency.

- Personalized user-centric actions.

- Streamlined task management.

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βœ‰οΈ 2. Send Reply for Quick Actions

- Simplify your communication with 'Send Reply for Quick Actions.' This feature allows you to respond with predefined replies with a single click, making communication smoother and more efficient. πŸš€

- Key Benefits:

- Effortless communication.

- Time-saving convenience.

- Enhanced productivity.

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πŸ” 3. IVR Canvas Search

- Simplify your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) management with 'IVR Canvas Search.' Find nodes and components easily by searching for node names, streamlining your workflow.

- Key Benefits:

- Streamlined IVR management.

- Effortless node location.

- Improved workflow efficiency.

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πŸ“Š 4. Decision Node in IVR

- Enhance your call flow management with the 'Decision Node in IVR.' This powerful feature allows dynamic routing based on predefined conditions, making call handling versatile and efficient.

- Key Benefits:

- Call flow control.

- Branch out different workflows basis different conditions.

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In this October '23 update, we're dedicated to providing you with an engaging and streamlined experience. These features empower you to manage schedules, content, customer interactions, and IVR flows seamlessly.

Welcome to a more dynamic and interactive experience with Sprinklr Selfserve! 🌟

Explore further and access support in the official Sprinklr Selfserve documentation and resources. πŸ“š