Sprinklr Selfserve: Release Notes, 31st July, 2023


Sprinklr Social just got a major upgrade! šŸ„³

Upgrade your online presence with Sprinklr's latest release, including-

  1. Bynder Integration

  2. Update LinkedIn thumbnails

  3. Review rating in Automations

  4. Separate support for Instagram Reels

  5. Content guide

Bynder Integration

Learn to seamlessly integrate binder assets into Sprinkler for enhanced social media management. Import assets effortlessly and amplify your reach across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use this to either import assets into Asset manager or use directly in Publisher. Watch the Video here for details.

Update LinkedIn thumbnails

With Sprinklr Social, you can now update the Thumbnail and URL of LinkedIn posts being sent from Sprinklr Selfserve platform. Watch the Video here for details.

Review Ratings in Automations

You can now run automations depending on the type of rating received across review channels like Trustpilot, Yelp, Google play store, Apple store and much more. Now create automations to highlight reviews with low ratings. Watch the Video here for details

Separate support for Instagram Reels

We have included a separate support for publishing Instagram Reels in Sprinklr's omnichannel publisher.Now publish highly engaging content on your Instagram platform. Watch the Video here for details.

Content guide

Now never worry about the format and type of content you want to post on your Social channels. With Sprinklr's content guide, you will always know whats the acceptable format for every platform so that you can post the best engaging content for the customer. This functionality is available across social channels. Watch the Video for more details.