Sprinklr Selfserve: Release Notes (6th Sep, 2022)


Sprinklr Selfserve's latest release offers exciting new capabilities designed to empower your business to create meaningful customer experiences at every touchpoint. Read about Sprinklr Selfserve's latest platform enhancements below!

Agent Workflow

Agent Workflow | Email Thread View

You can now view your emails in threaded view - giving you the same look and feel as your native email platform. Use the Toggle icon at the top of the middle conversational pane to switch on the threaded view. This helps agents scan the email history in a unified place without unnecessary clicks and screen switches. Refer to the link here for more details.

Fetch Instagram Ad Comments in Sprinklr Selfserve

Fetch Instagram Ad Comments in Sprinklr Selfserve | Support Channels

You can now fetch Instagram Ads comments by adding a Facebook Ad account in Sprinklr Selfserve. It will help you manage and provide a complete resolution to all the queries received by your support teams. For more details, refer to Creating Tickets from Facebook dark posts and Creating Tickets from Instagram dark posts.

Salesforce integration in Modern Sprinklr Selfserve

Salesforce integration in Sprinklr Selfserve | Integrations

You can now integrate Salesforce into Sprinklr Selfserve and have a full context of who you are interacting with by viewing in-depth Salesforce data alongside Sprinklr conversations. Sprinklr Selfserve provides the functionality to add your Salesforce account to the platform and link Salesforce details to a Sprinklr Selfserve ticket, as well as sync Cases from Sprinklr Selfserve to Salesforce. You can refer to the link here and learn more about the feature.