Apple App Store using customer support role


Learn how to reply to the reviews from the platform itself. 

Every review posted on your App Store account would create a ticket, and you can reply to the ticket from the Care Lite platform itself. The reply to the app review would be posted on the native platform as well. 

Ticket Creation Rules 

  1. Hover over the Options icon against the account and choose the Edit option.  

  2. The Ticket Creation Rules window will appear. You need to toggle on the Convert Reviews into Tickets option and configure your ticket creation condition. 

    Type of Review 


    All Public Reviews 

    You can choose to select All Public Reviews posted on Apple App Store to be converted into tickets. 

    All Engageable Reviews 

    You can further select to convert Only Engageable reviews identified by Sprinklr AI into tickets. Sprinklr employs the industry’s most advanced AI and machine learning to pull engageable messages out of the noise and convert them into tickets. 

    Only Manually Filtered Reviews 

    Additionally, the Only Manually Filtered Messages option allows you to set conditions to define the rules for ticket creation. For example, if you wish to convert only those reviews into tickets with the keyword Refund in them, you can set the Keyword condition.

  3. Choose Only Manually Filtered Reviews to further narrow down the ticket creation conditions. 

  4. Type of Ticket 



    Choose a sentiment such as positive, negative, or neutral. 


    Enter the desired keyword. 

    Followers Count 

    Enter the desired follower count. 

    Contact Bio 

    Enter the desired contact bio.