Manage your Workspaces


You can manage your workspace seamlessly on Sprinklr. It means you can create more than one workspace catering to different business requirements and scope of work. A new workspace cn have different accounts, team, users, etc. 

To Manage Workspace

Go to the Settings icon from the left pane of the CXM Lite home page and choose Workspace under Global Governance.

The workspace management window will appear where you can view the existing workspace details such as the Name and the Creation date of the workspace. You can upload a desired image suitable for the Workspace and choose the Industry relevant to the workspace.

You can delete the Workspace as well by clicking Delete Workspace at the bottom in red. Besides that, you can create a new workspace by clicking Add New Workspace in the top right corner. You need to provide details such as a new Workspace Name, the Color of the workspace, and upload an image. Click Continue after providing all the details.