Understanding Predicted CSAT Score for Tickets


What is a Predicted CSAT Score ?

Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT score is an AI Based scoring system designed to measure customer’s happiness/satisfaction for care cases on a scale of 1-100.

How is CSAT Score Predicted ?

The predicted CSAT rating measures the predicted satisfaction level of a customer based on the context of the conversation in Care Console.

The score is updated every time you receive a message from your customer, which will help you understand and improve the rating for your brand and agents. You can view the Predicted CSAT Score for a ticket in the Ticket Properties in Care Console.

Components of CSAT Score :

  • Sentiment : Tonality of a particular message. Meaning, whether the message is in positive, negative or neutral tone.

  • Intensity​ : This tell how positive or negative a particular sentiment or a message was.

    For example : “good” is a positive sentiment and low intensity whereas “extremely good” is a positive sentiment with high intensity.

  • Message Category : This categorises messages in conversational buckets of complaint, leads, enquiry and compliment.

  • Previous CSAT : This is the CSAT of the previous Fan message within the same ticket (if it exists)​.